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    • Centre pénitentiaire du Pontet

Centre pénitentiaire du Pontet

  • As part of its programme to make culture accessible to everyone, the Festival d'Avignon has worked since 2004 with the centre pénitentiaire d'Avignon-Le Pontet, allowing for one or two performances a year within the walls of the prison, as well as allowing inmates to attend a performance in the Cour d'honneur du Palais des papes (in partnership with SPIP). In 2014, at Olivier Py's request, this partnership was further developed with the creation of a workshop led by Olivier Py and Enzo Verdet. They have since produced performances of Prometheus Unbound, Hamlet, Antigone, and The Persians for and with the inmates, and have offered the actors, with the help of the prison's staff, the opportunity to perform outside the walls of the prison.

    90 rue Panisset
    84130 Le Pontet