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Committed to protecting the environment since 2010

In 2010, the Festival d'Avignon carried out an environmental audit to calculate its own carbon footprint and thus identify and quantify the impact of its organisation on the environment. Following this audit, and with the support of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region and its AGIR programme, the Festival adopted an environmental charter.

The Festival is committed to:

- reducing greenhouse gases emissions, in particular due to transportation during the Festival,

- researching and promoting energy-saving stage lights, in association with art creators,

- improving the energy efficiency of its different venues, in collaboration with the City of Avignon,

- using environmentally responsible communication media,

- reducing and recycling its waste.

In 2018, the Festival d'Avignon signed the éco-Festival charter alongside the City of Avignon, the Grand Avignon, and the AF&C association.

The Festival is a member of COFEES (collective of environmentally responsible festivals in the south Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region). As part of this initiative, a study about how the festivalgoers travel and on the economic impact of the different festivals will be conducted in 2019.

Protecting the environment, a daily process

  • Waste management

The Festival has implemented different initiatives which aim to reduce its waste (regular updates to our mailing databases, return of unsold food products, reuse of sets...).

Our teams have been instructed to sort paper, plastic, glass, ink cartridges or toners, electronic waste, and batteries. Individual action is also encouraged via small gestures like double-sided printing or favouring digital rather than print media.

In 2018, 12 tons of paper were collected on the Festival's various locations (including venues), then recycled at the end of the Festival.

  • Energy efficiency

Energy is at the heart of our environmental reflection, and we closely monitor our energy consumption. Changing an air conditioning unit in the gymnasium of the lycée Aubanel in 2018 led to a decrease in its electricity consumption of almost 14%. Following up on this success, the second air conditioning unit will be changed in 2019.

The Festival continues to invest in LED equipment. Replacing the current service lights by LEDs and making it our first choice for stage lighting as much as possible has allowed us to reduce our energy needs.

In 2019, we are using green energy as much as possible for our different venues as part of a partnership with Enercoop.

  • Transportation

The Festival is paying close attention to the means of transport available to its spectators. Shuttles allow most festivalgoers to collectively travel to venues far from the centre of Avignon, such as Autre Scène du Grand Avignon – Vedène or the Opéra Confluence.

In partnership with the City of Avignon, additional covered bike racks have been added close to the Festival's venues.

Our staff travels mostly by bike, in particular for technical support and the transportation of small equipment.

  • Communication

Every year, we adjust the number of copies we print for the main communication tools of the Festival to adapt to demand. In 2019, we decided not to print the Spectator's Guide, a reduction of 30,000 copies compared to 2018.

The development of digital communication tools both efficient and accessible to most is another way to reduce the environmental impact of the Festival. Communication documents can therefore be downloaded from the Festival's website.

  • Sustainable consumption

Throughout the year, the Festival tries to buy from local producers and favours organic, seasonal, and local products.

Setting up composting toilets at certain venues also allows us to better manage our water resources.

All actors

All actors

Thanks to the availability of shuttles and waste sorting containers, as well as the development of digital media, every one of us can join in this environmentally responsible process.

Moving around during the Festival is made easy thanks to Vélopop' bikes, public buses, and Festival shuttles.

For more information: 

- Vélopop' service for the Grand Avignon: www.velopop.fr
- Public transportation for the Grand Avignon: www.tcra.fr
- Gard transportation network: www.edgard-transport.fr

 Please dispose of your trash in the appropriate containers

Help us reduce our paper consumption by using digital media

All documents relating to the Festival can be downloaded on the website.