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Venues and shows

The Festival is dedicated to making both its venues and its shows more accessible to disabled people. Personalised service is available, as well as a specific email address to answer your questions: accessibilite@festival-avignon.com

People with reduced mobility

Seats reserved for people with reduced mobility or in wheelchairs are available. Please specify your needs when booking by phone (+33 4 90 14 14 14) or by email (accessibilite@festival-avignon.com)

The Théâtre Benoît-XII and the gymnasium of the Lycée Saint-Joseph aren't easily accessible for people with reduced mobility.

A list of car parks with spots for people with reduced mobility is available on: avignon.fr, avignon-tourisme.com, and parking.handicap.fr

A service of shuttles throughout the Grand Avignon area is available for people with reduced mobility upon presentation of a disability certificate (for people with a disability of 80% or more)
+33 800 456 456 ou tcra.fr

Deaf and hard-of-hearing people

The Théâtre Benoît-XII and La FabricA are equipped with a magnetic loop amplifier.


Blind and visually-impaired people

Large print and Braille leaflets are available at the venues for certain shows.

Information and booking:

Some shows are easily accessible for blind and visually-impaired people (coming soon).

Specific access maps